Hi guys. Once again in my career. I have reached a point where I am sick and tired of competitors playing games.

So I have to make an announcement. Please read carefully. My name is Ericka Rose. I have several locations located throughout the Chicagoland. Area. Starting with my new store.

From Which I sale metaphysical healing products. If you know me you all know that this has been a dream of mines. Since about the last 7 years. Astrology metaphysical boutique. Which is located in villa park Illinois.

I also have a location In OakBrook, palatine, Chicago, justice and a few more.

However there are people using my name in there advertising. Goes some thing like

Psychic OakBrook, psychic rose psychic palatine. Pathetic I know.

But this has happened to me before.

I was unaware of how popular I am on the internet that people would use my name as if I was a celebrity. Like dr Phil or Oprah Winfrey.

But here is the truth. Once again. I am Ericka rose. I have two websites. One of which is

http://Www.psychictarotcardreaders.com. The other is http://www.astrology-Boutique. I am not affiliated with anyone in Oakbrook or Addison. Illinois.

Please be sure that you are contacting me. Either by looking up (psychic Ericka Rose) My name is spelled uniquely. For these reasons. Also. My only two domains or http://www.psychictarotcardreaders.com. Or astrology-boutique. I do not own another website. My phone number. If you look it up you will find several listings. My phone number is +1630-553-8770. (Please be sure)

That you are contacting me by this phone number.

I do not make false claims such as being on any celebrity shows I am a gifted medium. An clairvoyant as well as an empath and energy light worker/healer Third degree reiki master,

I do not work with the devil. I do not cast spells I am not into any type of magic of any kind. So please read through my site an the site of other claiming to be me.

I’ve had a few people copy my site. Copy my name or try to use domain names as close to mines as possible. Remember my website. Psychic tarot card readers. Is Plural with an S at thee end. Astrology-boutique.

I also have pics on my website that will show you. It’s me. Which you will be able to see on some of my social media as well as my website and yelp. You can find my reviews by searching psychic Ericka rose or psychic tarot card readers. Are astrology metaphysical boutique

But my phone number is the best way to be sure. That it is me you are contacting.

You are more then welcome to contact these other people. Just know that my site is not from a Random person. I am writing these blogs personally. I have made an created all of the post on my site. As well as my blog and social media adds included. There may be some typos or Misspelling. That tells you it’s me.

Haha. Two can play at this game. Lol.

But I am not here to play games. These other people are using my established website name and copyrights. To my website to which they will be dealt with.

My assumption is that there buisness/s is not doing well so they resort to local media publishers. To find what is popping up

and also I have a stocker who seems to think they own (VILLA PARK Illinois) And I quote. The husband of a lady that runs her business came into my shop on July 27th. In which I have a police report an record of phone calls threatening me my son an my husband. To shut down my retail store. As well as follow my child. Who is a minor. They went to the extent claiming I live inside of my buisness. Also Claiming I only sale palm and card readings.

This person will be dealt with according to copyright and state laws rules. An will be sued for loss of client as well as using my buisness names an follow my client Once again I have to deal with these types of people who try to enforce fear and anxiety. Because of there treats. I have been locking my door at my shop. Monitoring each person before they come in. I had to have an alarm system with security cameras and I am also forced to install live cameras in and around my home and buisness alike because of these idiots.

”Weird Right” I know. But this a constant battle with random lunatics. Who apparently feel or see me as a threat. Maybe if they stop pretending an work a bit harder at there own reputation they might have a good chance of keeping there clients. An not have to steal my information. Because that is what it is – yes I said it ”STEELING” my bio my name my domains. And threatening me

It’s a bit sick if you think about it.

But ‘hey’ to each his own,,,

Back to the original reason I wroth this lil novel. Lol,,,

I am not afraid and I am not a scammer



Ericka rose on ig

Erickaros on Twitter

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Ericka rose fb


Astrology metaphysical boutique

336 e St Charles Rd, Villa Park, Illinois , 60181


Psychic of yorkville

Psychic of OakBrook

Psychic Belmont cragin

Please be sure to contact me if you find someone using my name.

My email address is


Or call 630-553-8770.

Thank you all for reading and be blessed

Love and Light. 😘😘😘❤️❤️

Getting a Psychic reading how can it help

Weather  it is a card reading palm reading love read etc,

Depending on your situation,

Getting a reading can give you a better look at whats going on, insight to what you are up against.

A good reader will give you answers as well as advice on how to work on the situation at hand, You can Gain a lot from a good reading,  Depending on what you are dealing with you need to figure out what type of reading you should choose,  If your looking for a in depth reading on a romantic relationship.

I would recommend a Twin-flame reading  which is a usually a tarot card session that consist of a 22-card spread, This reading focuses on love relationships which will tell you if you are with your twin_flame or a karmic relationship and can also give insight on when and where you may run into your twin-flame also this session gives you a better look at where you are headed and the best way to encourage your partner or how to get through some of the phases a twin-flame relationship takes you through.

If you are looking to gain insight on career and finance, whats to come with work and or how to balance or change things with your position or if your wanting to find out what areas to work on i would recommend a basic tarot card reading, which is a seven card spread its usually called the Career card spread or the Celtic spread which is a ten card spread. either of the spreads will give you insight to your career path which direction to head in whats to come your best options for the best results and answers to what your focus should be on,

If your looking to find peace of mind with family or gain insight to family matters, Children siblings or parents etc, You’ll want to choose either a palm reading or a full life, or what i call a full life reading which includes both palms and tarot reading. The tarot reading i offer is the ten card Celtic spread followed by reading both palms (right and Lift) will be read. Which will give insight to how many siblings tell all on parents and up bringing as well as look at whats happening at the moment with you and them this session will tell you about child as well. How many how there dealing or doing things and what you can do to encourage or discourage bad/good behavior.

If you are looking for tell all session my recommendation would be what i call a full life session not everyone reads this way however in my session what i call a full life reading it is a 60 min session sometimes i get carried away with time.

So if your booking this type of reading please be aware it can take up to 60 mins or more, lol just have to add that in. But as i was saying you can get a full out look at the year or two ahead this session again includes both a full Celtic/ten card spread as well as both palms (lift/right palms and energy reading.

So let me explain a lil on each one and what it will tell,  So a tarot card reading is more based on what your focusing on when you shuffle (YES be prepared to shuffle) The tarot will pick up on your energy/s/ So that I/Reader can tap into the things you focus on. Now sometimes most of the time it will pick up more of whats happening around you the Celtic spread will tell past present and-future situations and the out come of what will be the end results.  A palm reading is a personality assessment to a certain extent however it will tell us about children/family  siblings/parents soulmates romantic/platonic  (Yes There Are Platonic Soulmates)  Your palm can also show up-coming travel or past trips and can also touch on health pregnancy children how many you may or may not have. (fyi) the lines on your palm change either with each season or every three months) However at the time of your reading you will get insight on the basic things that wont change which is family soulmates amount of siblings etc, With an energy reading we look at your chakra’s  which will tell you again about the high or low levels of feelings and emotions how you handle things if your struggle in certain areas (for instance if your throat chakra is spinning in the opposite (opposite directions meaning clockwise all of your chakra’s should be moving counter-clockwise) direction it can be the cause of you not being able to speak up for yourself or not able to voice your opinion an cause you to feel in bit more insecure. that is just an example so you that you might get a better understanding on how your chakra’s work. whatever is going on you weather it be heart throat or root chakra, I will let you know which one you should work on recommend small crystal (if needed ) which is best to use i can also recommend certain types of mediation you can do on your own at home to help balance things within your chakra’s .

Medium readings are whole different reading  in itself this is a session that i recommend you book ahead (at-least two to three days) just so that the reader can prepare for it takes a lot of energy. Its a session that can last up to four hours i offer 60min sessions. this session is one that you can connect with a loved one who has past on and you might just want to gain insight on how there progressing or you may feel like there is someone around you that is trying to get a message through but your having a hard time on understanding again this is a very deep and can also be an emotional one so be prepared to cry laugh and be some one stressed depending on what you are trying to gain from this session take it slow and be ready to connect with the loved one who has past on.


This is my own opinion and experience with everything listed above i hope it helps make it easier for you to make a choice on the type of session/reading you need to get the best out of or get your moneys worth. lol

Always remember that each psychic/reader is not always 100% accurate. And you have free will, You can always change a situation.  There is good and bad in every thing but try to get to someone that will give you insight and guidance. Never be afraid to ask questions and ask for a better understanding, and always ask your reader to give you a basic summery take a pen and paper so that you can reflect and think on what you have found out and how you can use the good or bad advice but again whatever the situation always put god first and ask him to guide you first your grounding should always come from the lord Jesus Christ he is the truth the life and the way…….

As always Love an Light

Ericka Rose,

For more information or questions/ pricing  on my sessions  please feel free to call

(630-833-3300 or (630)553-8770 email me at erickarose52@yahoo.com you may also visit my http://www.psychictarotcardreaders.com




New year new beginnings.

Find out what this new year holds.

Are you wondering if your in the right field,

Are you curious about relationship status,

ďżźis a new investment the best plan for this season

Call Ericka today and ask about special readings and discounts for the new year

Call 630-553-8770.

Email erickarose52 @yahoo.com

Are stop by are new location in villa park Illinois.

Astrology metaphysical boutique Free reading with purchase

Hey y’all it’s been a min since I’ve posted but had some things going on And opened a metaphysical boutique. So I can better help you with all your metaphysical supplies.

As of today this week through this weekend. August 21st. Thru the 29th we will be offer full life readings which includes. A full 22 card spread as well as a both palms

. Being read and a Analysis of your chakras. With any purchase of $75 dollars or more.

  1. This a in-depth detailed reading that will tell past present and future. Cover love-relationship. Career-finance. Family- parent/children. And much more. So if your looking to get some guidance and supplies. Today’s the best time for really great products along with a detailed 45-60 min session. Come by today.
  2. Call 630-553-8770.
  3. Or visit us at
  4. Astrology Metaphysical Boutique
  5. 336 e St Charles rd villa park Illinois 60181
  6. Right next door to McDonald’s. And in between the smoke shop.

Astrology metaphysical boutique.

Hi guys sorry it’s been awhile since I’ve posted been a bit tied up. And for a good reason I just recently opened up a metaphysical shop. Here in Villa Park Illinois. With gods help. I’ve finally got things up to par. So I have some time to let you all know. I’m Ofer a free full life reading. Which includes a tarot card and palm reading along with an energy Analysis reading. With any purchased $75 dollars-or more.

So call or stop by Astrology metaphysical boutique. 336 e St Charles Rd Villa Park Illinois 60181. Or call 630-553-8770

Ericka Rose

See you all soon will start posting on tarot meaning again as well as twin flames. So share this for additional discounts in store and online. Follow me on Facebook.


Half off all holiday parties

Today I’m starting my holiday discounts. All parties booked before nov 1 2018. Will be half off hourly rates. Also coming is Hugh discounts on gift certificates. I’m also going to start some weekly specials. On psychic sessions. Please subscribe and follow me on Facebook and ig. And my blog. I’m excited to offer great special. God bless all and have a great holiday season

Hi all today’s a new day a fresh start

Let’s start today! To forgive to let to heal and find ourselves. Let’s start with prayer. The all knowing god who heals delivers and provides. Fir us all are needs. The Bible says if we seek him will shall find him let’s start by giving god glory honor and praise thanksgiving to him by welcoming him in our problems or situations and let us cast or fears and anxiety on him who calls us his very own amen let us be a blessing and not a curse to those around us. I pray that the lord of lords and king of kings. Heals deliver and provides for you all and blessing of love light peach joy over flowing press down shaking upon you all this. In Jesus mighty name I pray amen and amen

Considering hiring a psychic for your event

Psychic Ericka Rose

Hi all I am a psychic empath psychic clairvoyant and psychic medium. I am able to connect in loud noisy environments. Some > well most psychics struggle to connect in crowded environments . But I use many tools to insure a connection and I use tools like tarot energy crystals and palmistry to give insightful advice. Which can help. I am also able to give a satisfactory reading in a short time, this month I’m offering major discounts to larger groups and specials events and social gatherings. Call me for more information >> mention (this add) to receive special discounts.


Ericka Rose

Visit my parties page


How the environment affects your personality

You might think that everyone on the planet does things the same way, but that’s not the case here everyone has their own way of doing things. However in my experience there are many people who sit around and blame others for their own flaws and insecurities instead of saying okay ______  what am i doing wrong here,

I mean some people don’t even take the time to ask themselves

What ? can i do to make things better Or (wow i been here before i need to take precaution and look on ahead )  there or certain signals and  signs that is very similar (been here done that) so to speak ,

Where you say nope that is a huge mistake i need to proceed with caution and i need to change my direction before i get back to that place that not only puts me at risk but also affects my family ,

But some people seem to like wallowing in there tears and like others to feel sorry for them. Childish and immature never thinking about what could happen if they slightly redirected there thoughts (Actions) , That they might actually secede in there goals however  in there heart of hearts They are selfish.  My view of this type of behavior stems from.

Their upbringing and the amount of time the parent/s took  to teach the child how to make good decisions.  In today’s day in age we don’t have the luxury or financial benefit to be a stay home mom or dad and we sometimes have no other choice but to leave the child to his or her  Defenses  (Latch key kid) that is not the point but) Just keep reading>>>

So we have no choice to allow the child to. Resort to finding their own place in the sense that they will chose right from wrong .

But some parents allow the child to do and say as they please.  To keep them quite or to make them completely dependent on the parent by giving them anything and everything.

So many personality disorders can be altered or even prevented if the parent would just be more coherent in the child’s life,  One of which (Narcissist is a personality trait that is installed in a child by simply  Giving the child control over every decision.

Also by creating the illusion that the world outside is bad and that people and things have no value. That they don’t have to value anything  other than themselves. By giving the child the idea that there “special” in the sense that no one can harm them and if they or told or taught  a lesson/s that it is a irrelevant or unrealistic  (basically they live in a fantasy ) that the parent creates and when there is someone that gives them any feedback the defense mechanism  is >>Tune out the person/reality and live in denial of what’s really going on.

What i mean to say is that giving a child the impression that everything is perfect and there is no consequences, Creates a falsehood and in return that child grows up to be a very unemotional unethical person that does not listen to reason, On the other hand children that grow up in an environment where there is abuse, Abuse of any kind Verbal/physical/emotional

All affect a child and changes their view of things and what they perceive as normal.  Some children will shut themselves out and live in fear of what was installed in them, such as fear of not facing the world and fear of not seceded or the other way around overachievers and trying to make themselves stand out  Due to not receiving enough affection in there childhood they try hard to gain attention and affection from as many people as they can.

But how can we avoid installing fear in children or over achieving  or personality disorders > Well that’s a good question ?

Pay attention to your children and give them love and encourage them but also don’t be afraid to tell them the truth and let them understand that the world doesn’t revolve around them. But that they can make it better by being kind loving and inspiration be uplifting and positive. But not so much that it  causes them to believe that life is a bowl of cherries, And not so much that it makes them not see the real pain and hard work and effort that they have to  put into anything.

I hope this helps give you a better understanding as to how parents  and the environment they create in there home and it can change their children for the better or for the worst



Ericks Rose